Introducing our new director signing, Shane Griffin. Based in New York, Shane’s work straddles mediums with his unique blend of high-end artistic design, live-action filmmaking, and emerging technologies, we’re over the moon to welcome him to the roster. Seamlessly blending surrealism with futuristic themes, his work has captured the attention of Apple, BMW, Givenchy & Nike. He’s painted sonic landscapes for Wiz Khalifa’s music videos and showcased his visionary artwork globally, his mesmerising film, “Chromatic,” was even screened at the prestigious TED conference.

Shane honed his design skills and artistic vision during his time as a Psyop Director, Creative Director at Method Studios, Global Creative Director for Los York and in his role as Head of Motion Design at Man vs Machine. His leadership skills have been solidified in the creation of bespoke artworks, live-action film direction, and animation.

Check out his talent page.