We have a history of enticing established writers from live action and theatre to the world of animation and, along the way, have utilised and learnt from their expertise and dramaturgy.

Our current development slate ranges from feature films with acclaimed live action directors making the leap into 2D storytelling, to a magical realist, real-time anthology series with the good and the great of leading international animation directors. The writers we are working with to realise these projects exemplify our ethos of finding the best talent from other areas and pairing them with leading animation talent Between them, they have a pleasing array of BAFTAs and Emmys, Tonys and Oliviers.

Our current production for Netflix, THE HOUSE, typifies this. Tony Award-winning playwright and screenwriter Enda Walsh is working with our four leading stop-motion directors, Paloma Baeza, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Marc James Roels and Emma de Swaef. Enda’s screenplays include Steve McQueen’s HUNGER and DISCO PIGS, while the  plays ONCE and David Bowie’s LAZARUS, are amongst the credits in his illustrious stage career.


Diversity of upcoming and established writing talent

In our writers’ rooms, we always have an eye to enable the particular alchemy of experience and innovation. We ensure that every room is built around balance, fairness and the scope to hear from the quietest voice (they often unsurprisingly have the most interesting thing to say). To that end, we are currently working with some of the most exciting, upcoming and diverse voices in storytelling, and pairing them with more established, experienced talent to help guide their vision. We are currently working with writers from, amongst others: SCHITT’S CREEK, COBRA KAI, VEEP, SHAME, THE IRON LADY,  THE DEATH OF STALIN, THE (US) OFFICE and THE MIGHTY BOOSH.