Introducing ‘Roost’, Adobe Aero’s flagship augmented reality demo experience, created by Nexus Studios

Adobe challenged us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Aero and demonstrate the vast possibilities available to creators seeking to craft complex AR experiences with familiar and intuitive tools, without relying on a development team. The AR dollhouse, ideated by Creative Director David Chontos, was inspired by the collective experience and the unexpected yet emotional role that balconies played during a time of lockdown. Users conjure a floating community into their space, to witness Adobe characters immersed in their own creative explorations.

Presented at Adobe MAX, the experience launched Aero’s integration of App Clips; the true missing link to create and distribute a seamless AR experience accessible to all. 

Try out ‘Roost’ by scanning the QR code.
Download Adobe Aero here.

Behind the Scenes