Our Immersive Arts experts were handpicked by Niantic as one of the first teams to develop content utilising their newly launched Lightship VPS. Dreaming up the future of spatial storytelling, we created a number of fascinating experiences designed to enhance real life environments and further blend the virtual with the physical.

Now, you too can localise virtual objects without the need of QR codes or markers, allowing permanent objects or structures such as monuments, public art and signage, to become Wayspots and host intelligent AR experiences with accurate precision. Find out more about the AR Voyage experiences below…

The app

Features a range of open-source games and experiences, each fronted by Niantic’s lovable Yeti mascot and intrepid explorer, Captain Doty, who goes by they/them pronouns. These include ‘Doty Appleseed’ ‘Tourist Trap’ ‘Ball Toss’, ‘Walkabout’, ‘Snowball Fight’, and ‘Build A Ship’. Download it here.


Doty Appleseed 

A location agnostic experience that allows users to find any Wayspot in the world and plant beautiful and intelligent virtual frost flowers for others to find, and which continue to develop in the space even after the user has moved on. Users can return to the location in time, and find that the flowers have blossomed.

Tourist Trap

A location-specific experience allowing users to conjure up Captain Doty in multiple San Francisco Wayspots. Content is tethered and tailored specifically to the locations, visitors must find their way there to discover a series of fun clues from Doty, increasing the appeal and interaction abilities of the space.

AR Voyage within The Metaverse

Playing with cutting-edge computer vision features like depth occlusion, meshing, and VPS, we set out to produce virtual content that co-exists with real-world locations in perfect harmony to showcase the potential for meaningful, multiplayer experiences in an authentic Metaverse.

The AR Voyage app is a development from our previous work as Early ARDK Explorers, and it was presented at Niantic’s Lightship Summit in San Francisco. Source codes for public developers will be released later this summer.

Download for iOS here
Download for Android here