Working with WeTransfer and British producer duo Jungle, we’ve created an interactive music video that blurs the lines between art, music, and technology. The music video for Jungle’s new single ‘Back on 74′ works like an interactive art gallery, with viewers able to download works of art for free as they watch. When the viewer claims an artwork they like, it is pulled from the canvas in real time, revealing a blank canvas in its place. Every viewing of the video populates with six different art pieces, pulled from a bank of 10,000 unique works created by Jungle’s J. Lloyd. This ‘roulette’ creates a different viewing experience for each person, one that constantly adapts according to viewer interaction. Directed by J Lloyd & Charlie Di Placido of Contentus Maximus, the video was integrated by WeTransfer’s in-house Creative Studio.

Check out the music video art gallery here.