We worked with Google Arts and Culture and  CERN to produce a mixed reality journey through the birth and evolution of the universe, as told by Tilda Swinton.

The Big Bang AR app takes you back in time 13.8 billion years to discover how space, time and the visible universe came to be.

Open your hand in front of your phone’s camera to see the universe form; move between ‘reality’ and ‘space’ mode, create the very first particles and atoms; make a star explode; create a supernova and explore the nebula.

Our interactive arts team worked closely with The Lab at Google Arts and Culture and CERN scientists to create the visual language required for this beautiful, immersive experience to represent the science, using originally composed music, spatial sound, opt-in 3D AR labels and subtitling to bring the story of the universe to life.

Launched as part of Google Arts & Culture’s ‘Once Upon A Try‘ you can download the Big Bang AR app from App Store and Google Play and experience it in 4 languages. Once Upon a Try.

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In-App Preview

nia big bang ar hand detection activation

The Big Bang

The beginnings of space, time and the universe.

Stars & Supernovas

Over billions of years, unimaginable numbers of stars have lived and died, leaving behind vast nebulas that contain heavier elements like carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. These nebulas are the breeding grounds for new stars and planets. Our galaxy contains many nebulas. You can even see them with a small telescope on a clear night.

nia google cern big bang ar hand detection

The Formation of the Universe

Planet Earth started life as a sphere of molten rock. A collision with another large object caused a large chunk of the young Earth to be thrown into space, which later became our moon.

Take a #StarSelfie

Take a shareable #StarSelfie to see how we’re all made of the chemical elements formed inside the big bang and ancient stars.