Cracker Jack is one of America’s most iconic snackfoods, being part of the culture for over 100 years. In this time, progress in Women’s sport has been slow yet, in recent years, it feels like we’re reaching a tipping point. To celebrate and promote this progress Cracker Jill was launched in 2022. With the incredible attention the Women’s World Cup has received this year, Cracker Jill took the opportunity to highlight some of the up-and-coming Cracker Jill athletes including Jaleen Roberts, Sohana Raisa, Tahirah Abdul, Sally Cohen, Olivia Ohlson Ellis, Lindsey Zurbrugg, Emma Stertz, Cornine Thompson and Bella Rasmussen.

With Nexus Studios producing and Mighty Nice directing we loved working with Frito Lays, Cracker Jill and Women’s Sport Foundation to create this mixed-media, collage-style commercial spot using live-action and photographic assets seamlessly mixed with motion graphics and cel-animation. The spot was broadcast on Fox primetime during the US Women’s Soccer Team games against Vietnam, the Netherlands and Portugal and will be shown during the Women’s World Cup Final on August 20th. Featuring the incredible Cracker Jill team, it was a joy helping bring such an inspiring and positive message into the world.