Marking the arrival of the inaugural EE Game Day, we worked with Havas Play to transform 13 locations across the UK into a mixed-reality gaming playground. During a Twitch stream hosted by streamers Lewis Brindley, Pedguin, Geestar Games and BrionyKay, EE challenged gamers across the country to get involved IRL. Communicating with the streamers through the chat, viewers helped solve in-game puzzles on the custom-built videogame which pointed them towards the secret prizes dotted around the country. 

Stunt Film 

The team at Nexus Studios not only developed a custom-made video game but also produced a mixed-reality stunt film that was seamlessly integrated with the Twitch stream. Viewers were transported into a mixed-reality broadcast live from Leeds’ Millennium Square. After a passerby pressed a button reading “Press to add more Game” an explosion of choreographed performances took over the square. Leeds was suddenly home to a horde of zombies, a fire-breathing dragon, intergalactic soldiers and more. The cast of videogame characters battled through the square in a kinetic display integrated with both photoreal and stylised VFX. 


The end of the stunt film launched a bespoke videogame starting in a digitised, 3D version of Leeds. Now, the streamers and audience worked together to unlock a map and coordinates of the real-life treasure chests containing gaming prizes around the UK. This quest took the streamers through a fantasy realm, a sci-fi city, a magical forest and a spooky land. Being a live-event, the team built variations of gaming pathways to ensure a level of flexibility as well as maximising entertainment for the viewers.