Enter the Mayoverse. Hose down a room or swim in an ocean of the gooey stuff. Together with Kraft Mayo and Wieden+Kennedy, we helped bring people’s wildest mayo dreams to life. Based on a Reddit thread where Kraft asked their most ardent fans for their wackiest mayo fantasies, the Nexus Studios’ Immersive team worked to create the ultimate Mayoverse experience.

Using smartphones’ AR capabilities, users are prompted to point the camera at the floor revealing a formation of four mayo jars. The mayo-jar-portals reveal new rooms for visitors to explore inside, each one more whimsical than the last. Enter the Mayoverse to explore the Mayo Hose, the Mayocean, the Mayobot and the Mayo Bash rooms.

Once inside, visitors can immerse themselves in one of the fan-sourced mayo fantasies – playing and experimenting with the squelching, gooey mayo in so many different ways. All of this is topped off with a mayo-themed selfie and a souvenir from the mayo gift shop. 

US-based mobile visitors you can enter the Mayoverse here.

Room 1

Hold on tight and get ready to cover this fantastical room with mayonnaise. Cover the oversized pizza, fries and donuts.

Room 2

Bob about in the vast Mayocean enjoying idyllic views of the mayobeach. Still not enough mayo for you? Cover the inflatables, beach chairs and diving boards. 

Room 3

Build the velvety smooth sandwich of your dreams with the Mayobot! Let your imagination run wild and then drench it in mayo!

Room 4

It’s your mayonnaise birthday! Swipe and whack the pinned up giant food/pinata, clearing the mayo, and revealing what’s underneath.