Smith & Foulkes created a captivating animated short film together with the Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation, Tellart and Kossmanndejong, to celebrate the richness of Emirati culture and the unique ways of living of a young Nation. Taking inspiration from the Bedouin artform, Al Sadu, the pair wove a story through time with three generations of family life at the heart of its narrative.

To ensure authenticity ran through every detail, the directing duo worked closely with an all-female team of Emirate archivists. The film blends accurate historical moments with hopeful re-imagined scenes of what life could look like in the future, with a wish for greater equality and inclusion.

‘Dreaming Together’ was shown on an impressive 24-metre bespoke screen as the centrepiece of the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2020. The ambitious experience included rising seats and immersive sounds providing a thrilling multi-sensory feast.