Nexus Studios brings a renewed zest to the The Famous Grouse, ‘Full of Character’ global campaign in collaboration with creative agency Leith. The campaign’s centre piece and iconic mascot, Gilbert Grouse, plays the starring role in this film aimed to bring a new generation of whiskey lovers to the brand, masterfully directed by BAFTA-winning director Paloma Baeza.

A beloved symbol of the brand for over a century, Gilbert Grouse steps into a fresh role, hosting a festive party in a cosy at-home setting. This is the first time in the character’s history that the icon has been viewed indoors, departing from his past adventures on curling stones and cliffs to an inviting red-hued environment aimed at keeping Gilbert centre stage. The Nexus team meticulously crafted lighting, textures and colour gradients to accentuate the character’s new look and surrounding.


Nexus Studio has a proud legacy of updating well-loved brand mascots into contemporary 3D animation, paving the way for future adaptations. With authenticity paramount when approaching this mascot, the team skillfully combined avian motions with a touch of artistic freedom to present an endearing and playful performance. A significant focal point of developing the character was the development of complex 3D plumage. Each stage of the pipeline was carefully planned, with the team delivering a precise rigging and grooming system. Ensuring that every feather moved naturally when the wings were in motion, maintaining Gilbert’s charismatic authenticity.

Nods to iconic Grouse adverts from the past and several hidden gems can be found in the film, including a painting of the highlands behind Gilbert. Honouring Gilbert’s legacy and introducing his timeless appeal to the next generation of whisky enthusiasts. These subtle design choices, showcase the team’s impeccable eye for detail and truly capture the charm and agelessness of The Famous Grouse.