Conceived by the award-winning team at Nexus Studios, GILDA empowers the creation of digital realities on top of real locations.

GILDA can reimagine any venue as a limitless world of wonder. Be it a stadium, a theme park, a cultural site or any public space, GILDA elevates the live experience.

How does GILDA work

GILDA builds a digital twin of your venue to enable the hyper-accurate placement of AR services and experiences.

The GILDA platform is designed and tailored exclusively for the needs of your venue.


Our compression technology has propelled us to the forefront of creating digital holograms in real spaces.

With exact precision, GILDA allows us to engage with holograms in any space, from any angle, and at any scale.

5G unlocking possibilities

The coming expansion of 5G will unlock the full potential of AR. Richer, more detailed stories, characters, worlds and experiences.

GILDA is fully optimized for 5G content delivery, so if your location is adapted for 5G we can take full advantage of its higher speeds and lower latency.