We’re revolutionising the concept of musical performances by transforming the streets of New York and London into stages for two groundbreaking performances of Gorillaz’s brand new track ‘Skinny Ape’.

The first-of-their-kind immersive performances will kick off December 17th in New York City’s Times Square at 2:30 EST, continuing the next day in London’s Piccadilly Circus at 2pm GMT. Fans are invited to gather together to witness Gorillaz play in real life – actually larger than life –  with Murdoc, 2D, Noodle and Russel literally towering over them in the midst of two of the world’s most iconic skylines. 

Directed by Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby, the performance is created by our real-time animation and immersive specialist teams, and powered by Google’s Geospatial API. This ambitious project is the next step in our history of crafting entertaining location-specific AR experiences, and is just one in a series of mind-melting collaborations with Gorillaz.

Gorillaz Presents is available to download on Google Play Store and App Store.