World-leading meditation app Headspace is synonymous with the bold and playful animation that infuses the wellness brand and supports millions of subscribers on their personal meditation journey.

Partnered with the team there since 2016, we’re very proud to have helped to bring the Headspace world to life and to have collaborated on the design and development of over 150 unique characters and environments which guide, educate and entertain millions of users worldwide.

An in-house Nexus Studios team of over 35 people, led by Creative Director Mark Perrett, supports Headspace in creating an ever-expanding universe of playful and informative stories. Animation helps to power everything from the brand’s social media marketing to the in-app content which accompanies subscribers’ personalised meditation journeys.

From ‘Wisdom’ videos which impart information based on Buddhist teachings, ‘Technique’ videos which communicate practical tips, to the recently launched in-app animation library, bold and characterful animated content helps to educate millions of subscribers around the world about increased wellbeing.