HotStepper is the world’s first Augmented Reality character based wayfinding app. Enter any address in the world and HotStepper will guide you there, walking the real world streets as you follow behind.

Created to coincide with the launch of our LA office, Hotstepper combines the very latest in AR, geolocation and mapping technology and features a somewhat eccentric character who will (when he’s not too busy dancing) attempt to guide you to wherever you need to go.

Visit to download the app.

Location-based Storytelling: Walk by any hair salon in the world and you’ll see the HotStepper’s haircut magically transform in real-time. This is an example of how AR can use real-time data (from a coffee shop to a business) to change a story live.

Real World 3D Arrows: Never seen before, the HotStepper places 3D arrows into the real-world up to tens of meters away, so you’ll always know where to turn. These arrows are about 6ft and pink and they update every fraction of a second with more accurate data.

Environmental Reflection: The app utilises a proprietary rendering system that takes a sample of the colours from the camera and reflects it back onto the character. This allows him to look like he’s being lit by the real-world, just like us humans. His shadow is even rendered from the direction of the sun!

Environmental Reflection

Location-based Storytelling

Real World 3D Arrows