Digital creative duo Champagne Valentine worked closely with Polish artist Miroslaw Balka to create a Webby award-winning, eerie multimedia experience for his exhibition at the Tate Modern, How It Is, the tenth commission in The Unilever Series for the Turbine Hall.

The site mimics the creepy themes of the artwork itself. It features a 3D game-like interface and encourages visitors to roam—with a bit of trepidation—through a dark, vast void, where they will encounter the artist’s inspirations and notes, as well as Balka himself, in integrated videos where he describes the work and its inspiration.

Champagne Valentine combined Flash and Papervision technologies to create the experience. There was also a partner iPhone app, which mimicked the How It Is website and offered location-based gameplay. The app features a virtual tour and video interviews, but steps it up with a game that becomes unlocked through GPS when visitors are near the Tate Modern, inviting the user to break apart a 3d interpretation of installation itself; allowing them to go from darkness to light.