To celebrate Project Runway’s milestone 10th anniversary, Nexus Studios transformed a portion of the High Line in New York City into a virtual runway with a dynamic, 20-foot long, interactive installation that featured the stars of the Emmy Award-nominated hit show.

Each judge from the tv show was captured in a studio and then integrated into a custom system we designed that allowed us to programmatically control them like a digital puppet. The same concept would have been infinitely easier in CG, but we wanted to bring audiences as close to the real judges as possible, therefore all the content is rendered in 4K but fully interactive.

The system is then able to track people walking past the installation in real-time and then activate the judges to react to what people are wearing. If you’d like to know how the (digital) stars of the show were able to react in real-time to peoples dress sense, we urge you to drop us a line!