Storybook App

— Radio Jones and His Robot Dad

This enchanting storybook app about a boy who uses his skills as a coder to build a robot dad to join him on an exciting adventure, packed full of fun and surprising interactive experiences.

Created by directing team Smith & Foulkes and long time collaborator Executive Creative Director Chris O’Reilly, the app tells the story of a boy called Radio whose Dad is too busy to spend time with him. So, using all his skills as a coder and maker, Radio builds himself a Robot Dad, and together they set off on a wild adventure.

The story of Radio and his two very different Dads is designed to appeal to children and adults alike, and is available to download free for iPads worldwide on the App Store. The app has a graphic novel format that includes fun animations and mini-games designed to take the reader on an exciting adventure, as Radio and his Robot Dad take aim at each other with super-soakers, swing across rivers, climb and shout in an echoing canyon, race trolleys and eventually team up with a whole variety of domestic appliances brought magically to life by Robot Dad. Set to a playfully inventive score by Alex Baranowski, produced by music production company SIREN, Radio experiences both the exhilaration and the pitfalls of his new found independence.