We joined forces with a group of talented creators to collaborate on the Main Title Sequence for Amazon’s highly-anticipated blockbuster series, The Lord of The Rings: Rings of Power.

This shape-shifting title sequence was inspired by Tolkien’s creation myth in which the Ainur (a group of angelic beings) sing the world into being. Welcoming a universe both primordial and timeless, the sequence draws parallels between Tolkien’s world and Cymatics; the natural phenomenon that makes sound visible through vibrations of fine particles. Conceived and Directed by Plains of Yonder’s Katrina Crawford and Mark Bashore. With Creative Direction by Anthony Vitagliano, calligraphy from Daniel Reeve, and animation direction by Nexus Studios’ Cózar, working alongside Digital Studio, MakMac and live action from 37Films. The spellbinding score was composed by Howard Shore.

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Behind the Scenes

To create a piece that felt organic and handcrafted, the team leaned into a mix of disciplines, seamlessly blending live-action footage with experimental CG imagery. To capture the organic nature, and frenetic movement of the sand while portraying the motion authentically was a challenge, requiring a mix of real and CG animation. A multi-day, live-action shoot complete with two stages, bolt cameras and cymatic rigs took place. The footage was delicately enhanced in post, with help from a particle simulation team to bring the Chladni shapes to life; while incorporating Iconography that relates to key narrative events in the series and to Tolkien’s work at large.