Partnering with Samsung and AT&T, we transformed AT&T stadium (the world’s first 5G enabled stadium) into the world’s first ARCloud Ready venue.

Across more than two years, we’ve developed tools, processes and integrated emerging technologies, to pave the way for the next generation of AR. 

During the Dallas Cowboys NFL season, we brought fans closer to the action and their heroes via hyper-accurate, persistent, never-seen-before AR experiences that can be viewed from any seat in the stadium in real-time, including photo-realistic holograms, games, live stats and more – all powered by 5G on a phone. 


Our unique mapping process involves creating a digital copy of the stadium, and then using a Visual Positioning Engine to locate each device (which involved close collaboration with Scape Technologies). 

These advances have allowed us to radically change the way we think of AR, with giant high-resolution holograms integrated into the architecture of the stadium streaming to the phone over a 5G network. 

We believe the technology and experiences we’ve designed here will be a blueprint for other venues who wish to integrate 5G and AR to enhance the live experience.

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