Partnering with ViveArts and The Mucha Foundation, we created a touring VR experience of Alphonse Mucha’s ‘The Slavs in Their Original Homeland’ (1912). Mucha created this monumental piece as part of ‘The Slav Epic’ a large-scale 20 canvas series which chronicles the history of Czechs and Slavic people.

The fragility and scale of The Slav Epic means that extensive physical touring isn’t possible. Experiencing the painting in virtual reality allows viewers to behold its impressive physical presence, and ensures that Mucha’s work continues to be seen and enjoyed by a wide international audience.

Experience ‘The Slav Epic’ in VR

Visitors trigger the key symbolic and didactic focal points of the painting whilst subtle animation and 3D spatial audio further bring the story to life. The gaze-led experience transports viewers into the powerful first scene in the Slav Epic, ‘The Slavs in Their Original Homeland’.

Available to download from VivePort