Nexus Studios have crafted a beautiful new spot for British Gas as part of CHI & Partners campaign for British Gas which uses real life situations, and penguin star Wilbur, to highlight the benefits of smart home technology.

Wilbur, the inquisitive explorer penguin was first introduced by the brand in a CHI & Partners spot in September 2015 and this time around, Nexus Studios directors Smith & Foulkes helped to tell his story in an ambitious expansion of his world and personality. With 50 fur and feather covered characters in the first shot and a multitude of environments for Wilbur to explore, a mix of technology and storytelling expertise was called for to bring his world to life. More characters and crowd scenes meant that character customisation was key and Nexus Studios’ bespoke rig meant that details like satchels could be positioned in a variety of positions with ease. The Mum character’s jumper was essentially knitted in 3D to get the realistic texture you see in the spot.