A beautifully illustrated and animated journey through the evolution of the Wimbledon tennis tournament for the AELTC.

The film follows a continuous tennis rally, beginning in 1877 with Spencer Gore, through the ages right up to the stars of the present day. As each new era begins, the illustrative style evolves with it from Victorian lithographs to a ’90s graphic novel style; capturing the era and historic details such as radically changing fashions, pony rollers used to keep the courts in prime condition, tv broadcasts, and even the switch to yellow balls.



VR was used at the animatic and layout stage. Knowing that the spot is very dynamic we knew we wanted to have moving cameras to emphasis the action. This is something that can be tricky to make in 2D animation so we decided to to block the scenes and the camera movements with 3D sketches done in VR. It allowed us to quickly iterate and our shots and experiment with our angles and lenses. This was then fed to the 2D animators as a guide which helped them greatly to animate complicated shots more efficiently.