Master of atmospheric and illustrative delicacy, Manshen Lo, was handpicked by BRIT award musician Tom Odell to create a series of music videos for his latest album, ‘Best Day of My Life’. Working closely together, and with an expert team of 2D animators, they crafted a collection of promos that perfectly compliments Odell’s sentiment and sounds.

Best Day of My Life

‘Best Day of My Life’ marks Odell’s first single as he embarks on a career as an independent artist. The refined 2D visual world Manshen created accompanies poignant lyrics tackling the emotional peaks and troughs of being alive and experiencing moments of euphoria following bouts of sadness.

Sad Anymore

‘Sad Anymore’ is the follow up music video and song release since ‘Best Day of My Life’ created by Manshen Lo for singer-songwriter Tom Odell.

Tom Odell: “Being sad is a lonely experience, and one that can be hard to talk about or describe. But I hope that by singing about it, and being honest as I can, the people who feel sad sometimes too, might feel a less lonely…”

Flying :))

The third instalment from Manshen Lo for Tom Odell, Flying :)) transports us back into the refined visual world of Best Day of My Life and Sad Anymore. Treating us to more hypnotic 2D animation, the music video poignantly accompanies the singer-songwriter’s latest single. 

Just Another Thing