This series of web-based augmented reality projects showcasing the potential for this emerging technology and to encourage likeminded people to create AR projects for the web. All assets were created in Virtual Reality using Google’s Tilt Brush.

These experiments build on top of a Javascript library called AR.js created by Jerome Etienne (@jerome_etienne), and whose work in this area inspired us to create some examples. This technology is at the cutting edge and as of iOS11, it supports WebAR on iPhones (Autumn 2017) as well as Google Android and Chrome.

During the 2017 Google I/O conference a proposal for an Augmented Reality API for the Web was announced on top of Chromium. This marks the beginning of a WebAR framework for creating a robust and cross-platform API for building AR experiences in the browser. We’re excited to collaborate and experiment in what is an exciting future for WebAR.

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