Experience a year in the life of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave via Augmented Reality, using a one dollar bill and your smartphone. The story takes you on a journey across a year, season by season, beginning with President Obama arriving in the helicopter to sadly leaving with his family (in the ‘Beast’ Cadillac) in the Winter. 1600 has been designed with exploration in mind; at any moment you’re able to pause the story to find nice historical nuggets or funny moments and take unique photos that we’d love you to share across your social channels.

Working closely with the White House and the White House Historical Association, 1600 continues President Obama’s legacy of using digital innovation to increase accessibility to the White House. The app’s aim is to educate and inspire young Americans about the White House’s role in our democracy. Whether experienced on a teacher’s desk or dining room table, our hope is you walk away from 1600 with a better sense of the institution and its purpose. Not to mention a smile.

1600 is available on iOS and Android.

Behind the scenes