Putting heart at the centre of your story

We make captivating animation, film and interactive stories and experiences. We bring warmth and feeling to our work, so it connects with your audience in more meaningful ways.


Regardless of the medium or the technology, our approach remains the same: story first. Why? Because by telling stories that genuinely connect with people, you get their attention, you stir their emotions and you create experiences they remember.

And that means creative work people talk about and share.

So it’s not about creativity for its own sake. Or about being at the forefront of technology just because it’s there. It’s about creating magical content that truly engages your audience.

Makers + Thinkers = Magic

It’s not the creative idea alone that’s key. Nor is it just the blood, sweat and tears shed in the studio that matters. The secret is having both together.

By combining unique directorial voices with creative and technical expertise in our studio, we’re able to create the magical content that persuades and entertains your audience.

Creativity isn’t a nice-to-have

It’s not an optional extra; it’s fundamental to your success. Creativity is the difference between interesting and irresistible, between mediocre and memorable. And you can’t make truly engaging experiences without it.

Whether building a brand, promoting a product, or entertaining audiences, or all three together, we create the original work that stands out.

Experiences change behaviour

We’re not just here to make beautiful things. With every single project our aim is to have a real impact on people’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

Through director-led storytelling, we connect with your audience in a way that means something to them, so we’re able to inform and influence their beliefs and behaviour.

Where creative magic gets made

Working with Nexus Studios means working with some of the most talented creatives in the world. Because for the last 20 years we’ve focused on finding, attracting and nurturing the best.

Our world-class directors are supported by our LA office and 180-seat London studio, home to our Interactive Arts team, integrated producers, creative thinkers, animators, technical directors, coders, illustrators, designers and makers. And they have all the resources they need – including a green screen studio, edit suite, render farm and craft workshops – to be able to handle everything in-house.

So whether we’re handcrafting large model sets, developing immersive real-time CGI or shooting choreographed car chases, our production team can overcome every challenge thrown at them.