Putting heart at the centre of your story, we make captivating animation, film & interactive stories & experiences

With our heritage in storytelling and innovation, we bring warmth and feeling to our work, to connect with audiences in meaningful ways.

We bring together a curated network of unique talent across film, animation, and interactive arts. Our studios in London and Los Angeles harness these capabilities to craft award-winning branded and original content.


Where creative magic gets made

Our world-class directors are supported by our studios in LA and London, home to our integrated producers, creative thinkers, animators, technical directors, coders, illustrators, designers and makers. And they have all the resources they need – including a green screen studio, edit suite, render farm and craft workshops – to be able to handle everything in-house.

So whether we’re handcrafting large model sets, developing immersive real-time animation or shooting choreographed car chases, our production team can overcome every challenge thrown at them.