‘The Girl Who Built A Rocket’ for WaterAid, directed by Neeraja Raj

The thought-provoking short aims to shift the spotlight from the recently launched missions to find water on Mars, to the people who need it here on Earth.

See ‘The Girl Who Built A Rocket’ here

‘1600’ for The White House, directed by Jack Cunningham

Aiming to educate and inspire young Americans about the White House’s role in democracy, 1600 brings to life the institution and its purpose through AR visuals that appear on top of a one dollar bill.

See ‘1600’ here

‘Promise’ for Headspace directed by Robertino Zambrano and Felix Massie

We helped Headspace announce a huge act of kindness during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through a series of uplifting animated films, they offered free app access to anyone who’d lost their job, as well as all healthcare workers.

See ‘Promise’ here

‘Right Runner’ for UNICEF, directed by Felix Massie

Aimed at, and created with the insight of children in Latin America and the Caribbean, Right Runner entertains, empowers and educates children in the most violent and unequal region for children in the world.

See ‘Right Runner’ here

‘Back to the Start’ for Chipotle, directed by Johnny Kelly

This animated anthem for Chipotle Cultivate Foundation eloquently highlights founder Steve Ells’ shared vision and passionate efforts to source food on a more sustainable and ethical basis.

See ‘Back to the Start’ here

‘Notable Women’ for Google Creative Lab

Notable Women highlights 100 American women who shaped US history, by placing their portraits where they’ve been historically left out, on US bills. The women were voted for by the American public from a collection developed by American teachers.

See ‘Notable Women’ here

‘It’s Everyone’s Journey’ for Department of Transport, directed by Smith & Foulkes

Through thoughtfully designed animated characters and metaphors, the project aims to encourage people to be more considerate whilst traveling, bearing in mind that people have disabilities that aren’t always visible.

See ‘It’s Everyone’s Journey’ here

‘Right on Tracks’ for Cheerios, directed by Johnny Kelly

This quartet of beautifully crafted puppeteered films aim to encourage kindness and champion individuality, breaking down complex ideas into fun and memorable vignettes.

See ‘Right on Tracks’ here

‘Big Bang AR’ for Google Arts & Culture and CERN

The Big Bang AR app takes you back in time 13.8 billion years to discover how space, time and the visible universe came to be. Working with CERN scientists we created a journey through the birth and evolution of our universe.

See ‘Big Bang AR’ here

‘We Play Strong’ for UEFA, directed by Kibwe Tavares

Aiming to encourage girls to take up and keep playing football, Kibwe shot this vibrant and engaging film to highlight the skills, friendships and confidence the game brings.

See ‘We Play Strong’ here

‘Civilisations AR’ and ‘Civilisations x Magic Leap’ for the BBC

Showcasing 40+ ancient artefacts from around the world, audiences are invited to hold history in the palm of their hand to explore history like never before, democratising access to knowledge and information usually preserved for museum visitors.

See Civilisations XR here

‘Next Gen’ for Headspace, directed by Mark Perrett

From ‘Wisdom’ videos imparting information based on Buddhist teachings to ‘Technique’ videos communicating practical tips, and the recently launched in-app animation library, bold and characterful animated content helps to educate millions of subscribers about increased wellbeing.

See ‘Next Gen’ here