Take a peek behind the scenes of ‘A Future Begins’, Johnny Kelly’s latest work of art. In a detailed interview with It’s Nice That the director reveals his ideation process and the way animation perfectly compliments a story.

The stop frame short film is the sequel to Kelly’s exquisite and multi-award winning short ‘Back to the Start’, which garnered praise from the creative and commercial spheres alike.

“I draw my storyboards at postage stamp size and I think that shows in the final result. I also feel like, with something so topically dense, visual neatness can help with clearer storytelling,” continues the director, who wrote and directed the film. “Where possible,” he continues, “I like to use a uniform thickness of material (like the fence posts in the cattle field scene or the farmhouse porch), this prevents the visual side from getting overloaded and frees you up to do more with the story and character performances.”

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