Factory Fifteen | Let’s Go There | BBC 

The epic BBC 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ trail takes audiences on a whistle-stop tour through the idiosyncratic and exciting megacity by reimagining Tokyo with Olympic athletes and events embedded into its fabric and culture. Street signs, shops, arcades, gashapon parlours and homes are all authentically augmented with sports and their stars thrust centre-stage.

Watch ‘Let’s Go There’ here.

Kibwe Tavares | Jonah | Film4 & BFI

A fantasy fable exploring the distances and links between the old and the new. Jonah is a big fish story starring Daniel Kaluuya and investigating themes of the old and the new, and the links and the distances between them. A visual feast, shot though with humour and warmth, it tells an old story in a completely new way.

Watch ‘Jonah’ here.

Sojiro & Eri | Unlock Yourself | Facebook / Oculus

Sojiro & Eri pay homage to cinema by reimagining blockbuster scenes, placing Oculus Quest 2 users firmly in centre stage. The spot plays with inclusivity showing unexpected protagonists performing death defying stunts, all with the visually rich charm synonymous with the directorial duo.

Watch ‘Unlock Yourself’ here.

Mischa Rozema | A Report of Connected Events | Liberty Global

A love letter to storytelling blurring the lines between reality and some of our favourite fictional narratives. Commissioned for US cable giant Liberty Global, Mischa’s film received worldwide critical acclaim winning Clio, Ciclope, Shots and Art of Creativity awards, to name but a few.

Watch ‘A Report of Connected Events’ here.

Encyclopedia Pictura | Wanderlust| Björk

Encyclopedia Pictura created this mind-boggling promo for Björk’s ‘Wanderlust’ depicting Björk as an archetypal nomad, shepherding yaks down a CGI stream through a tactile mountainous backdrop.

Watch ‘Wanderlust’ here.

Mischa Rozema | BEATz Go Boom | Garena Free Fire

Mischa Rozema conducts an orchestra of chaos for the theme song featured in the battle royale game, Garena Free Fire. Viewers are transported into the lives of a squad of teens across the world at the moment they transform into their ‘in game’ characters.

Watch ‘The Fall’ here.