Droga 5’s Influencer Ruben Mercadal on how agency producers can help give emerging directors their time in the spotlight.

“With the shifting production landscape and the amount of content out in the world, it’s our responsibility as agencies to help make deliberate, diligent and impactful director choices, and to identify opportunities in the work we are making, not only for established directors, but also for new, unique and talented directors we have discovered and should be working with.”

“With that in mind, here are 10 directors who are on my hotlist that I would like Droga5 to work with, or who I hope to see breaking through soon in our industry (in no particular order). Give them a go! I have a much longer list, and it would be great to get agency producers and creatives chatting about all the other amazing emerging talent we should be working with”

6) Fx Goby @ Nexus Studios

Fx Goby is established in the UK but has not broken through fully in the US. He’s got cinematic flair across all animation work and he’s visually inventive too. In a short amount of time, he has developed a really mature and accomplished reel.

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