“As the old proverb from Kermit goes “It’s not easy being green” but actually with more information and tools at our fingertips, it is getting easier and increasingly critical that we are! Luckily, we’ve got AdGreen and the industry wide Ad Net Zero action plan to help us do just that. AdGreen has recently launched their Carbon Calculator, allowing our industry to measure where carbon is coming from so we can tackle it head on. There are steps to be taken across the value chain but by asking these questions to your company, your boss, yourself, you can make a big difference.” Here are five easy wins:

Money Money Money

What is your pension invested in? Cut your carbon output 21 times more than going veggie, giving up flying and switching energy provider combined simply by making your pension green. Asking your company to switch to a green provider can be the most effective way to make a difference. Here at Nexus Studios HQ we’ve switched to Aviva.

MakeMyMoneyMatter Check where your money is invested and demand a pension to be proud of.

SwitchIt Find up to date information on how green your bank or energy company is.

Switch to renewable energy

Watt are you powered by? Whether you’re at home, at the office, or in an animation studio. Replace your diesel guzzling gennys on set and go for 100% sustainable energy supplier. Check out Portable Electric’s solar powered VoltStack or go full pedal power like Coldplay’s upcoming tour and recent EarthShot Prize performance.

Check out Albert’s suppliers sustainable list.

Planes, trains + automobiles

Where are you going and how are you getting there? A positive outcome of COVID has been the accelerated adoption and improvement of remote viewing tech, such as QTake. Shooting locally or using local crews abroad also boosts the communities economy and industry and making more animation is better for the environment! Wins all round!


We are living in a material world…

Where did that come from? Where will it end up? Sourcing materials for shoots, be it fabric for stop motion puppets, costumes for live action or an entire set build, could be waste intensive but it doesn’t have to be. 

Aim for a zero waste to landfill shoot. Here are some AdGreen tips to help you on your way.

Plant power!

Why do meat free Mondays when you can do meat free more-days ?

Eat more vegetarian or vegan whenever you can. Catering vegetarian on set can reduce your carbon footprint by roughly 25%, a further 15% if you go vegan! A simple switch that can be easily implemented on your call sheets, throughout your offices and homes that can start to affect behaviour.

Find a bevy of delicious recipes here.