Celebrating a Summer of Sport

Capturing the strength, movement and play of some of our favourite sports through artful films and immersive craft. From animated Olympians, Wimbledon’s big hitters and inspiring young footballers, admire the athletic feats on display in a few of our favourite sporty films.

Factory Fifteen | #LetsGoThere

Factory Fifteen immerse viewers in a celebratory visual feast for the BBC’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ trail. The epic spot takes audiences on a whistle-stop tour through the idiosyncratic and exciting megacity by reimagining Tokyo with Olympic athletes and events embedded into its fabric and culture. Street signs, shops, arcades, gashapon parlours and homes are all authentically augmented with sports and their stars thrust centre-stage.

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Smith & Foulkes | Take On History

Explore the rich history behind the Wimbledon Championships through a continuous tennis rally, beginning in 1877 with Spencer Gore, through the ages right up to the stars of the present day. As each new era begins, the illustrative style evolves with it from Victorian lithographs to a ’90s graphic novel style.

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Kibwe Tavares | We Play Strong

Inspiring young girls to take up and keep playing football, Kibwe Tavares’ electrifying TV spot aims to encourage girls to take up and keep playing football. Featuring both beginners and professional players, the animated elements emphasize the lead character’s growing confidence.

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Interactive Arts | AT&T 5G Fan Experience

During the Dallas Cowboys NFL season, we brought fans closer to the action and their heroes via hyper-accurate, persistent, never-seen-before AR experiences that can be viewed from any seat in the stadium in real-time, including photo-realistic holograms, games, live stats and more.

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Smith & Foulkes | The Fearless Are Here

Depicting the thrilling and abstract journey of a luger, skier, curler, snowboarder, ski jumper and ice skater, the film depicts the psychological and physical obstacles Winter Olympics athletes face in their quest to be the best in the world.

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Sojiro & Eri | Unlock Yourself

Celebrating Great Granny reaching her boxing potential! Sojiro & Eri pay homage to cinema by reimagining blockbuster scenes, placing Oculus Quest 2 users firmly in centre stage. The spot plays with inclusivity showing unexpected protagonists performing death defying stunts, all with the visually rich charm synonymous with the directorial duo.

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Interactive Arts | StatsZone™

Bringing the fun and excitement of a live game to any location, this activation allows fans to pick their favourite team or player stats and bring data to life through augmented reality. Created with AT&T for the Chicago Bulls, StatsZone™ the experience also features milestone celebrations which can be sent as shareable clips to friends, family and on social media.

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Mighty Nice | A Story of Help

Mighty Nice reminisce on a football match where Socceroos star Mark Bresciano tied up the shoelace of a young mascot, who was on crutches. Textures, brush strokes and a reduced colour palette keep a loose, casual feel to the imagery whilst smooth transitions and flowing imagery roll the story along effortlessly.

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