Jonas Odell

Crafted constructivist montages for Franz Ferdinand. Blended archigram style architecture with Goldfrapp. Brought a book to life for U2. Told the story of a lie or three.

Jonas Odell is the director behind some of the most distinctive music videos, commercials and short films of recent years. He has a reputation for working at the cutting edge of mixed media techniques combining 2D, 3D animation and live action and was voted as one of the top 100 animators of all time in a survey of world animators organized by Channel Four.

His short ‘Lies’ won ‘Best International Short’ at the Sundance Film Festival and its predecessor ‘Never Like The First Time’, won him the Golden Bear award at the Berlinale International Film Festival. Other awards include a Grammy nomination and win at the MTV Music Awards for the Franz Ferdinand music video ‘Take Me Out’.