Mischa Rozema

Told the story of stories, created a convoy of couriers and showed us a future we hope we’ll never see…

Creator of epic adventures and alternate worlds, Mischa’s ambitious mixed-media storytelling has won him a formidable international reputation.

Commissioned by US cable giant Liberty Global, ‘A Report of Connected Events’ is a four minute love letter to storytelling and picked up multiple awards including Clio, Ciclope, Shots and Art of Creativity. Adam&EveDDB chose Mischa to direct their Playstation launch film – ‘The Fall’ – a visually stunning tour de force which was also much celebrated on the awards circuit.

Over the past few years Mischa has been busy with additional high-profile commercial, digital and integrated projects for both US and European clients including TNT, Nike, MINI, MTV, ASICS, Google and Vodafone.