Till Nowak

Dreamed up a city for Marvel, explored conflict between colours, re-engineered reality; the fairground ride creator of your dreams – or nightmares.

Till was one of the first artists brought on board to visualise latest Marvel blockbuster ‘Black Panther’, first gaining international attention with his short animated film ‘Delivery’ and the impossible amusement rides of his viral smash ‘The Centrifuge Brain project.’    

Twisting reality across the advertising, film and interactive landscape, he directed the multi award winning ‘Dissonance’ which blends live-action and CG animation/fx to create a world where humans struggle to redefine reality and experience.   

Influenced from an early age by artists and scientists including M.C Escher, Ray Kurzweil and Frank J. Tipler, Till is also is responsible for several large scale public light art installations on historic buildings.

Till has worked as jury member in numerous film festivals and is a member of the European Film Academy, the German Film Academy, ASIFA Hollywood and the Art Directors Guild.