Co-directed by Fx Goby and Google Doodles’ Hélène Leroux, the Emmy-nominated ‘Back to the Moon’ celebrates pioneering illusionist and filmmaker Georges Méliès.

In a one-of-its-kind collaboration between Google Doodles, Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts and Culture, Cinématèque Française and Nexus Studios, the film initially launched as the first ever virtual reality (VR) / 360 interactive Google Doodle. Based on its world-wide success and acclaim, it later returned in the form of an augmented reality experience, making it the only ever Doodle to have been made in VR, AR, 360 Video and 2D animation.

Transporting the viewer inside his magical world via some of his best known films, styles, techniques and characters, the film also features a Mathieu Alvado score recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Enjoy the 360 video above or enjoy the full VR experience on mobile, Cardboard or Daydream by downloading the Google Spotlight stories app for iOS or Android or on Steam.

Check out Back to the Moon in AR here and download through the free Google Spotlights Stories app on Android or iOS.

Back to the Moon AR

Magic Tricks

“The One-Man Band” 1900


“The Living Playing Cards” 1905

La Cinematheque Francaise

“The Mermaid” 1904

La Sirène

“The Devil and the Statue” 1902

Le Diable Géant ou le Miracle de la Madonne





“A Trip to the Moon” 1902

Le Voyage Dans la Lun

Did you spot these in the background?

Behind the scenes

Méliès and Queen character design

Méliès One-Man Band design

Moon design