The latest brand campaign from Meta – “It’s Your World.” – serves as an invitation and celebration of all the ways people use Meta’s universe of products to connect and make positive things happen in their lives. Fans were invited to jump into the world of Coi Leray as she takes her passion for anime and basketball to new heights in an exciting music video for “Make My Day” ft. David Guetta. Directed by our very own Fx Goby with character design by the wickedly talented Isago Fukuda.

The collaboration between Meta, Droga5 and Nexus Studios saw Fx bring together a world-class team of artists – all certified anime nerds. Their intimate knowledge of the medium brought a high level of authenticity to the branded music video. It was important to keep the film focused on Coi’s world, albeit through an anime lens. Her song, “Make My Day” with David Guetta, set the tone with her distinctive style and iconic LA locations giving it a distinctly Coi Leray vibe.

Anime References

The shared commitment to representing Coi authentically and staying true to the anime genre was paramount. Throughout the music video, fans will recognise references to classic anime films and tropes. This influence can be seen in the use of classic characters like the Mecha, which is paired with large Kanji, or in more stylistic features like Coi’s dynamic movement and agility and subtle eye movements, right down to the anime smear frames.