In addition to his lauded animation portfolio, Fx Goby is also a skilled live action director. Working in close collaboration with award-winning designer and choreographer, Saul Nash, their films are characterised by striking movement and fluidity. Showcasing Saul’s collections and artistic sentiment alike, Fx gracefully weaves in social commentary through subverting preconceived notions of masculinity, sexuality, and race within fashion. Away from his work with Saul, Fx also created an high energy, mixed media film for the South London street culture festival, Crxss Platfxrm.


To celebrate the release of the Saul Nash AW23 collection, the campaign film ‘Juxtaposition’ merges contemporary style with an otherworldly escape. Directed by Fx Goby and styled by Elgar Johnson, the film examines the contrast between skiwear’s popularity in streetwear with the social barriers associated with extravagant ski trips. Filmed in Iceland, the Katla black sand volcanos serve as a backdrop for the protagonist’s performance. While getting lost in the art of movement and capturing a sense of powerful escapism, an East London chicken shop is juxtaposed with the Tolkienian Icelandic landscape.


Capturing the folklore that binds communities together through shared rituals, Fx’s film for Saul Nash’s AW22 collection was informed by British Afro-Caribbean and Saul’s own Guyanese heritage. The film is set inside one of the first black-owned barbershops in London, paying tribute to its owner Gee Artery, affectionately known as the “Grandfather of Kensal Rise” a month after his passing.


Created for Saul’s AW21 collection, ‘TWIST’ reflects on the stereotypes assigned to sportswear and the young men associated with it. Beneath bold, theatrical lighting, tension rises before giving way to an ending that both redirects the narrative and challenges our societal preconceptions.


Taking cues from the relaxed silhouettes and technical detailings of Saul’s collection, ‘SHELTER’ embodies a keen sense of weightlessness. Dancers and acrobats tumble in space, not falling but rather defying gravity. Embracing a sensitivity alongside strength, the film explores the multi-faceted nature of masculinity and self-expression – a poignant work released during Pride Month.

The Flip Side

Set on an iconic stretch of British coastline, Fx follows dancers, his camera included in their movement, as he switches between tracking, close up, and wide angle shots. The film intertwines fashion with choreography with the garments transforming and revealing as the action unfolds.

Crxss Platfxrm

Created for the South London street festival Crxss Platfxrm, this striking mixed-media teaser plays up both the animated embellishments and rhythmic editing style to celebrate movement. The film was used to promote the festival as it showcased an innovative underground creative scene.