Step into the enchanting Yozakura tradition with Fantasista Utamaro’s latest artwork series. Combining traditional Japanese motifs with his signature style, Uta created a dynamic pattern that evolves across the screen, mirroring the awe-inspiring experience of viewing cherry blossoms at night. Featuring the majestic Sakasa Fuji mountain, the graceful crane, twinkling night sky, and playful Koi fish, all brought to life in a colourful explosion of movement.

The Campaign

This unique collaboration between artist and Director, Fantasista Utamaro and renowned whisky brand, Glenfiddich marks the release of their limited edition Grand Yozakura line, which is finished in rare Japanese ex-Awamori casks. Uta’s artworks will be used in installations that will appear in major airports in the months when cherry blossoms are in peak bloom in Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The team also created a virtual gallery where users can view the art and behind-the-scenes footage of Uta in his studio.