To celebrate the launch of Google’s ‘Playground’ app and their latest Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL models, we animated a series of fun loving AR characters to populate our everyday world!


The Challenge

How can animated AR characters turn our world into a virtual playground using the new Pixel phones front and rear facing cameras?

Our Approach

Working closely with Google, our team plugged into their pioneering technology as it was still in development. Resulting in these charming sporting characters, designed by Buda for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL software.

Using Mighty Nice’s expertise in animating technically challenging projects, we created hero moves for each character, atmospheric details such as shadows and real world lighting, alongside technically complex, lifelike reactions. The characters would demonstrate these reactions when placed in a scene with other characters or with humans in ‘selfie mode’. If you cried the character would look sad alongside you, if you smiled – the character would be happy with you.

The Impact

Thousands of people have shared their experiences online making this a talked about and memorable project that helps to solidify Google as an innovative leader in the manufacturing of mobile devices, as well as leaders of the technology space more broadly.


Nexus Studios Google Playmoji Sports Yoga

Nexus Studios Google Playmoji Sports Baseball

Nexus Studios Google Playmoji Sports Basketball

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