Headspace provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training to over 28m platform users. Their mission is to improve the world’s health and happiness.

Their Challenge

How do you demystify a complex and abstract product centred around a disembodied voice, transforming it into an engaging and accessible media brand?

Our Approach

To create an inviting and playful world populated by over 150 unique characters across 80 minutes of bespoke animated  in-app content. These guide, educate and entertain millions of users worldwide and accompany subscribers’ personalised meditation journeys.

Our in-house team, led by Creative Director Mark Perrett, created a universe of educational yet entertaining stories. Animation helps to break down complex ideas by using visual analogies with genuine warmth.

From ‘Wisdom’ videos which impart information based on Buddhist teachings, ‘Technique’ videos which communicate practical tips, to the recently launched in-app animation library, bold and characterful animated content helps to inform millions of subscribers around the world about increased wellbeing.

Headspace Squirrel GIF Characters

Headspace Balloon GIF Characters

The Impact

Our animations power all aspects of their brand including web and social content. Our characters have become core to educating users and are now fully woven into the Headspace experience.

They are also a social media success, the lead video ‘Letting Go of Effort’ alone has been viewed over 30 million times. This has helped fuel Headspace’s phenomenal growth, continuing impressive customer acquisition month-over-month.


Unique Characters

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Minutes of Animation

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