Conor Finnegan brought together a group of talented artists to create a playful collection of idents for Kraft Mac & Cheese. The multidimensional campaign featured 15 new spots follow the company’s major identity rebrand, keeping their iconic noodle as a focal point and source of comfort, which Conor and his cohort of artist pals reimagined in a range of scenarios.

Alongside different artists the campaign also features a range of techniques from 2D, CG, and live-action to puppetry and stop-motion, with all these variables it took Conor’s experience and creativity to ensure they felt like part of the same flock. Thanks to Lucy Bradbury, Brendan Conroy, Loulou João, Angela Kirkwood, Aisha Madu, Oz Smith, Ana Porta and Aran Quinn for all your delicious noodle artistry.


For Ballooned, artist Brendan Conroy crafted a satisfying 3D spot, bursting with fun and energy. His cheerful style is always matched with a quirky edge, with previous credits including work for Weiden+Kennedy and 72andSunny and features in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Thought Spiral

Conor chose Aran Quinn for Thought Spiral because of his 2D and illustrative skills. Using the movement of the jabbering lips and voiceover effects, Aran builds intensity to allow for a final pay off on the other side of the noodle and even including some of his signature design motifs.

Family Feud

For Loulou João’s ident, she showcased an unexpected family makeover. Her practice is rich with 3D character design and for Family Feud Loulou was able to create creatures that are simultaneously monstrous with fangs and horns, while also cute and lovable.