Conor Finnegan

Caused a twitter storm during the Oscars when he brought together the unlikely friendship of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Charmed us with the unfortunate story of a small bird with a fear of flying. Woke up the nation with his Dawn Chorus radio show for Dorset Cereals.

Conor’s passion lies in storytelling using a combination of techniques including puppetry, stop-frame, 2D and 3D animation and live-action. He populates his stories with a wonderful cast of characters who he infuses with a contagious sense of humour and fun.

Conor regularly collaborates with world renowned brands such as M&S, Android and Target, earning him key industry accolades from the likes of the British Arrows, Shots and ADC awards. His critically acclaimed short film ‘Fear of Flying’, captured the imaginations of audiences around the world and has now been made into a TV series spin off series launched on Nickelodeon.