Welcome to Lucy’s World. A brighter, greener future that’s not far out of grasp. Working with creative agency PMG and Green Mountain Energy, director Laurie Rowan took their beloved brand ambassador, Lucy, and built her a new 3D world ready for her to tell many more stories within. The world-building was designed to reflect Lucy’s positivity, with bright colours and charming details. As we zoom around the town trying to keep up with Lucy we take moments to focus in on intricate details. We love the sleeping cat in the shop window, the cap flying in the wind, and the smart transition from day to night. Guided by Lucy, we’re reminded that small actions can lead to big changes. 

Timed to Perfection 

Lucy helped translate abstract concepts into a physical space fitting it all within a single seamless journey. Being such a ball of energy the detailed world was designed with this speed in mind, large enough to facilitate the a dynamic, precisely-timed dance we see. As we swoop out of town and into the valley led by our guide director Laurie Rowan hoped to instil a satisfying sense of symmetry in the audience.