Working closely with Facebook we helped bring families together through the power of storytelling, role-play, animation and AR.

We re-imagined the much loved Pete the Cat stories by James Dean and developed original stories inspired by the classic fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks & the Three Bears to feature on the Story Time app, transforming them into interactive stories for families to share, without them needing to be in the same room.

Nexus Studios Pete The Cat Facebook Portal StoryTime

Nexus Studios Goldie Three Bears Facebook Portal StoryTime

Nexus Studios Little Red Riding Hood Facebook Portal StoryTime

The Challenge

How do you create the bond of reading and enjoying a story together if you can’t be in the same room? 

Video calls are a wonderful way for families who are separated by geography to stay connected and share special moments. ‘Story Time’, is a bespoke app built for Facebook’s video calling device ‘Portal’ which enhances storytelling using magical features to keep young children fully engaged during calls.

Our Approach

We approached the task of enhancing these stories like writing a stage play, scripting the experiences so the readers really had license to ‘perform’. 

We took a unique approach to creating our AR content, making fully immersive, animated hoods so the reader was embedded into the illustrated world.



There is nothing kids get a kick out of more than seeing grownups transformed into funny characters in silly situations, like Goldilocks doing yoga. The stories were particularly popular amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic as staying connected became more important than ever.

The app has recently been used by celebrities Drew Barrymore and Mindy Kaling as part of the #SaveWithStories charity campaign on instagram.

Nexus Studios Portal Storytime Octopus AR Mask

Nexus Studios Portal Storytime Raccoon AR Mask

Nexus Studios Portal Storytime Frog AR Mask

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