Taking flight with two charming new feathered friends, Chuck and Gina, Progressive Insurance embarks on its first foray into the world of 3D animation. Teaming up with Arnold Worldwide, director Conor Finnegan created a series of TV and social spots, following these lovable pigeon pals on a delightful journey of savings exploration.

Entering a 3D World

Launching two new feathered friends into Progressive Insurance’s flock, Conor Finnegan knew a seamless harmony of character, design, and performance was key. Crafting Chuck and Gina from scratch, he drew upon his stop-motion and puppetry expertise to dial up the tactile feel of the characters, animating at 12 frames per second. He also encouraged improvisation during voice-over, a technique more common in puppetry but rare in CG animation, to draw out natural performances.

Good Character

To get the audience to connect with charm of Chuck and the streetwise nature of Gina, Conor knew that strong character design was key. His expert team meticulously iterated on numerous versions of Chuck and Gina, each embodying distinct personalities. Chuck, the optimistic dreamer, possessed a subtly humanised silhouette, evident in his relaxed wing placement, upright posture, and intuitive prop handling. In contrast, the quick witted Gina proudly embraced her avian nature, reflected in her design as well as her more controlled movements and occasional birdlike twitches. These design choices aren’t just aesthetic; they reveal the distinct personalities of our feathery duo, personalities that blend beautifully to create their comedic partnership.