Nexus Studios brought together a host of talent to create a series of 10 playful and beautifully crafted idents that launched Oppo’s Reno2 phone.

Mighty Nice, Jack Cunningham, Felix Massie, Laurie Rowan and Sam Southward all created distinctive mini narratives around the phone’s arrival, using a wide variety of styles and techniques to create a range of characters and stories that mark the phone’s release in fun and unexpected ways.


3D animated commercial directed by Laurie Rowan

The eyes have it. Laurie’s Birdsnest establishes characters and comedy within a tiny timeframe for the birth of Oppo’s Reno2.


3D animated commercial directed by Sam Southward

That’s got to hurt. Sam Southward’s Wrestlers heralds the arrival of Oppo’s Reno2 with this funny, fast paced and tactile spot.

Ice Cream

2D Animated commercial directed by Felix Massie

Live fast, melt young. Depicting a sweet, funny and terrible turn of events, Felix’s Ice Cream for Oppo’s Reno2 blends a London heatwave with a hand-drawn squad of ill fated ices.


2D Animated commercial directed by Greg Sharp through Mighty Nice

Hard-to-manage hair takes on a life of its own in Sharp’s characterful and comedic digital stop motion cut out for Oppo’s Reno2.


3D animated commercial

Down in the depths of a secret lab, a scientist witnesses the microscopic inception of Oppo’s Reno2. Completely CG, each texture and surface is referenced from air-fix models and 3D printed sculptures for enhanced tactility and detail.


Puppeteered commercial directed by Jack Cunningham

Jack’s characterful film Cat for Oppo’s Reno2 features a charming ‘Grumpy Cat’ hand puppet, tapping into a nostalgic and perfectly pitched muppet vibe of old.



2D Animated commercial directed by Robertino Zambrano

Robertino blends genres and a graphic novel sensibility in K9 for Oppo’s newly launched Reno2. A dynamic stippling technique and light and shadow shapes raise the tension in the scene, only for everything to ultimately come up sausages.



Mixed-media commercial directed by Jarrod Prince Mighty Nice

There’s something in the woods. Packing pace and characterful drama into a tight space, Jarrod’s Creatures for Opp’s Reno2 evokes Miyazaki films and 90’s nostalgia.


2D Animated commercial directed by Michael Shiao Chen through Mighty Nice

Michael Shiao Chen’s Karate for Oppo’s Reno2 is a painful yet comedic take on the concrete breaking demonstrations by martial arts artists. Cemented in strong graphical shapes, the spot draws on Japanese anime with Kabuki undertones adding to the enhanced theatrics of the piece.


2D Animated commercial directed by Haein Kim & Paul Rhodes through Mighty Nice

An irritating distraction causes chaos in Haein Kim & Paul Rhodes’s simple and fun ident heralding Oppo’s Reno2.