Against the backdrop of uncertain times, we worked closely with Facebook to create a series of authoritative, informative and completely politically neutral films to help encourage voters to exercise their right to vote in the 2020 US election. 

Putting people and community at the heart of the films, each vignette was carefully thought out to authentically represent the diversity of the US electorate and balance practical information with warmth and appeal. 

To achieve a rich and representative set of films, Fx led a hand-picked team of talent. Putting diversity at the heart of the production, Fx ensured there was a  50/50 split of male and female artists working on the project. With just over a month to deliver 36 films, this epic collaboration saw our global production team working around the clock to ensure the quality and story within each vignette was never compromised, whilst simultaneously delivering all assets on time for the biggest political event in recent history.