Let’s take a moment to celebrate the art of animation, and in particular, explore the beauty of motion and design; a craft which allows us to tell fluid and diverse stories in a compelling, and often, speedy way. Check out some of our favourite projects below.

Robertino Zambrano | ESPN | Here

Master of motion graphics, Robertino Zambrano, created a series of animations that ​​shine a light on some surprising sporting stories. The striking spots blend a digitally hand-drawn aesthetic reminiscent of traditional comic books with intricate camera moves and explosive action as though they’ve been brought to life by an injection of adrenaline.

Digital Wellbeing Experiments | Jack Cunningham | Here

Jack Cunningham applied his trademark style to help Google launch their ‘Wellbeing Experiments’ platform. The playful piece drew inspiration from the initiative’s simplicity using subtle colours and delicately graphic strokes to convey Google’s mission of reducing contact with technology for the sake of our mind’s health.

Beats Vision | Shynola | Here

Shynola created a poignant spot for world-renowned audio brand, Beats, illustrating the words of Trent Reznor with poetic shape-shifting imagery. Employing a sketch-like style and only three colours, the distinct piece demonstrates how different elements can seamlessly transform and give way to new things.

MTV Ident | Nicolas Ménard | Here

Reinterpreting the iconic MTV ident, Nicolas Ménard teamed up with Manshen Lo to create a rich motion graphics piece. The duo hand-painted every frame with gouache, capturing its texture and boldness, before perfectly animating it to sway to Kungen & Hertigen’s original track, and producing a feeling of pulling you in.

Rings of Power Title Sequence | Cózar | Here

This shape-shifting title sequence was inspired by Tolkien’s creation myth in which the Ainur (a group of angelic beings) sing the world into being. Welcoming a universe both primordial and timeless, the sequence draws parallels between Tolkien’s world and Cymatics; the natural phenomenon that makes sound visible through vibrations of fine particles. Conceived and Directed by Plains of Yonder’s Katrina Crawford and Mark Bashore. With Creative Direction by Anthony Vitagliano, calligraphy from Daniel Reeve, and animation direction by Nexus Studios’ Cózar.

Kraft | Conor Finnegan | Here

Conor Finnegan brought together a group of talented artists to create a playful collection of idents for Kraft Mac & Cheese. Keeping the iconic noodle as a focal point and source of comfort, Conor, Lucy Bradbury, Brendan Conroy, Loulou João, Angela Kirkwood, Aisha Madu, Oz Smith, Ana Porta and Aran Quinn placed it into a range of fun scenarios.